Modern Healthcare's Transformation Summit Experience by HealthLoop's CEO Todd Johnson

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Event Recap

Following the Healthcare Transformation Summit sponsored by Modern Healthcare and the Austin Healthcare Council, the team asked Todd Johnson, CEO of Healthloop about his experience...


What brought Healthloop to the MH Health Transformation Summit t? 

Austin provides a great 'draw' for industry leaders around the country.  When Modern Healthcare asked that I run a panel, I turned to HealthLoop customers to see who was interested in participating with me.  It was easy to get colleagues to attend.  

Do you have any predictions for the future of our (Austin) health ecosystem?

Austin provides a dynamic, energetic and cost-efficient digital health ecosystem.  Finding talent in Silicon Valley is increasingly challenging and cost prohibitive.  Hopefully, Austin can capitalize on that to draw companies to open offices there.

What are you most pleased with following the conclusion of Summit? 

It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues in a fun and entertaining city.  We had a lot of fun and were able to connect professionally and personally.

And of course, Austin is known for our tacos and BBQ. What was your favorite meal while you were in town? 

We were fortunate enough to 'get off the beaten path' and had an outstanding experience at the Brewer's Table.  The atmosphere, service, and food were 5-star!


HealthLoop enables care teams to engage all patients before and after admission through automated daily check-ins. By sending the right information at the right time, HealthLoop identifies those patients that need help in real-time, allowing care teams to proactively intervene before costs and complications escalate. HealthLoop facilitates over 70,000 non face-to-face visits every month. To learn more, please visit:


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