Your ATX.Health Events for July 2018

Hi, ATX.Health Community - 

We are back with your July installment of "ATX.Health Events" our monthly blog series where we help you avoid the endless searching or last-minute planning to make sure you know about the happenings in town that truly matter for your personal and professional development.  

The summer lull is certainly in full effect.  Yet July is the perfect chance to prioritize getting engaged with your network.  Ask someone you don't know or want to keep in contact with more often out to coffee or lunch and take advantage of this time of year because the busy season will be here before we know it.  This month would also a great opportunity to focus on getting civically engaged by becoming a registrar and making sure your coworkers and friends are all able to have their voice heard at the ballot box.        

Here is a list of the happenings this month you need to plan for... 


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