Your ATX.Health Events for June 2018

Hi, ATX.Health Community - 

The team here at ATX.Health, we are big planners.  If it isn't on our calendars a week ahead of time - it probably isn't happening.  This is in part the reason why we started this community so that we can help drive meaningful engagement in the Austin/Central Texas area for events that professionals in our space need to know about. 

In this first ever installment of "ATX.Health Events" our blog monthly series we are going to help you avoid the endless searching or last-minute planning when an event does get on your radar - instead we are going to provide you the events which truly matter.  We want everyone to plan for an awesome month and not miss any registration deadlines or accidentally double-book yourself.  If we can help alleviate any potential stress to get you more engaged - we did our job. 

Here is a list of the happenings this month you need to plan for... 


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