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Introduction: Healthcare Markets for Entrepreneurs

  • Dell Medical School 1701 Trinity Street Austin, TX, 78705 United States (map)

Are you an established entrepreneur or innovator looking to move into the healthcare space? Are you an up-and-coming researcher thinking about commercializing your health-related technology or solution? Do you work in healthcare and want to know why in the world the industry is the way that it is? If so, this is the event for you!
The healthcare industry is behind in technology adoption and benefits actualization. While one can envision and even build technology solutions for healthcare stakeholders, successfully engaging the market is much more difficult. Despite an overt need to improve outcomes, lower cost, and enhance patient experience, adoption of technology-based solutions is excruciatingly slow. The ways in which the healthcare market is organized and regulated are not intuitive and vary from standard market processes leaving us wondering: Why don’t consumers drive adoption? Why does pricing seem arbitrary, opaque, and seldom market-driven? Why are incentives misaligned?
Wonder no more! Join the Texas Health CoLab’s Learning Series event “Introduction: Healthcare Markets for Entrepreneurs” as Bob Teague, MD, reviews basic elements that confound the introduction and adoption of great products and solutions in healthcare. The intent is to help entrepreneurs and innovators prepare to successfully shift from the lab or the startup to the broader healthcare market.